There are four distinct sections to this website, each of which informs you about an emerging planetary mythology honouring the Earth as our common, sacred home.

1 PLANETARY EMPOWERMENT relates the story of my discovery of the Lightning Path, a path of mythic renewal and regeneration contained within a vast, world-age cosmology spanning thousands of years.

: The story begins in the early 70's when, as a young graduate of the University of Calgary, I had a powerful spiritual awakening to deep levels of my unconscious. Into my life at that time came an article titled notes from The Organic Revolutionary's Handbook published by the Portola Institute as part of an oversize publication called De-schooling De-conditioning. The book, and especially the Handbook article itself had such a consolidating effect on my thinking that I have decided (as of August 2018) to make it available here, in honour of its continued existence as a beacon of hope for a better world.

: Various aspects of the Lightning Path appeared over a period of fourteen years during which time I sustained a journaling practice closely tied to the phases of the Moon. During that time, I also explored Native American spirituality firsthand through annual facilitation of a Healing Ceremony for Planet Earth initiated by Hopi Indian elders from the American South-West. A decade later, my Calgary area facilitation of the global ceremonial event Harmonic Convergence exposed me to the depths of Mesoamerican spirituality and its vast cosmological reach. This included my introduction to the mysterious sacred calendar of the Maya known as the Tzolkin. It also contributed to my ongoing initiation of a bi-annual global ceremonial event called Axis of Equal.


Radial Tzolkin

2 THE LIGHTNING PATH is a multi-disciplinary synthesis of symbolic systems that lays a foundation for a peaceful revolution in human consciousness, the principles of which are introduced in this section. The Lightning Path gifts every human being with a mythological birthright determined by The Book of Electrum which astrologically locates all births within the context of a mythological temple-of temples. In this section of the website, related information about these temples-of-birth is provided in the form of mudras, invocations, keywords and exemplars. Contemplation of this information reveals the vast spiritual potential astrologically coded into the symbolism of the Tzolkin and related components of the Lightning Path synthesis. These include, but are not limited to, the chakra system and the I Ching.

The Book of Electrum is based on a natural resonance between synodic Moon cycles (lunations), Tzolkin and the 84 year orbit of planet Uranus. The Lightning Path Timebeam is an online resource that makes these relationships explicit and also provides a means of documenting the progressive unfoldment of the Lightning Path phenomenon. Each timebeam segment, or season, comprises a succession of 260 Moon cycles (21 years) beginning with the New Moon prior to my discovery of the Lightning Path in March of 1986. Resources attached to the timebeam since that time are meant to chronicle the emergence of the Lightning Path worldview, as well as to document possible synchronicities between outer events and timebeam symbolism.

The LP timebeam is a work-in-progress. Click either of the above images to explore documentation related to the first two seasons of unfoldment of The Lightning Path.


Once you are on a particular timebeam, scroll horizontally to the right and click on the above image to locate assets related to that particular Moon. Only those Moons so identified will take you to documentation. Note also that this section of the Lightning Path website is no longer being updated. It exists primarily as an historical resource for those interested in exploring the day-today context within which the emergence of the path has taken place.
3 A KEY TO ALL WORLDS In this section of the website I reveal the lunation cycle as a metaphorical "key to all worlds" and share with you all the mathematical tools needed to calculate a highly integrative feature of every Lightning Path birthright: the lunation birthday hexagram (LBH). Included is some of the history of my discovery of this fundamental point of reference in any exploration of the deeper realms of synthesis offered by The Lightning Path. Example LBH charts featuring Donald Trump and Benjamin Franklin are included.

The Lunation Cycle Is a Key to All Worlds

Determination of your lunation birthday hexagram sets the stage for creation of the more complex light body template, a multi-dimensional spiritual artifact consolidating all aspects of your Lightning Path birthright into a single image. Whereas your lunation birthday hexagram acts as a personalized entry-point into the overall realm of synthesis that is the Lightning Path, your light body template dramatically expands your relationship to two elements of the synthesis: the I Ching and the chakras. Complete instructions for calculation of your own template are included, along with concrete examples of light body activation.

Light Body Activation Template for Nikola Tesla

4 THE SEASONS OF URANUS This section of the Lightning Path website presents a long-term approach to Tzolkin use which reveals a latent and enduring opportunity for mythic engagement with the Tzolkin. This is a potentially life-long process which begins at the New Moon prior to a person’s birth and progresses onward at the rate of one Tzolkin sector per Moon cycle.

As we see in other areas of the
Lightning Path, the integration of lunation cycle and Tzolkin seen in the seasons of Uranus technique corresponds to the 84 year orbit of Uranus, hence it brings us naturally into a four seasons overview of our lives. Calculation procedures, examples and extensive resources are supplied.