Finding Our Way Into the Sun of Consciousness


A mudra is a sacred symbolic gesture used to evoke magical energy and power. Although mudras are generally thought of as involving only the hands, they can be expressed with the whole body, as in the following examples which indicate mudras for each of the temples-of-birth of the The Lightning Path. They are are sourced from the book, The Mayan Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner.

Suggestion: Enact the mudra for your own temple-of-birth to see how quickly your intuitive perception of the hieroglyphic information contained in any temple can be activated.

FINGERS AND TOES - Hands out on both sides of the head at ear level, forearms perpendicular, with thumbs and forefingers forming an "O."

FLOWERS - Palms facing toward you at eye level, a shoulder width apart, until hands tingle; then rotate palms outward, opening arms to radiate solar consciousness.

SKYWALKERS - Both arms out to the sides at 45 deg. angles; then bring hands up over head a few inches apart forming pillars; then moving up and down from head to heart, as if creating a column of energy through you.

DEATH - Hold hands together under right cheek, as if sleeping; then cross arms on chest while bowing; finally, raise head with crossed arms in front of eyes.

THUNDER - Clasp hands at the heart, as if in prayer, interlocking fingers; then with tension raise clasped hands above the head, opening them explosively while making a sound of purification.

EMPOWERED HUMAN - Arms outstretched above head; then hands coming together to form a "V" on top of the head, open to the heavens.

SERPENTS - Hands coming together at abdomen and interweaving in snakelike movements at the chakras, ending with hands together above the head.

MIRRORS - Alternating one arm at a time, reach out above the head; then cross arms diagonally in a downward sweep, as if the arms were swords cutting through illusion.

MONKEYS, ARTISTS, TRICKSTERS - Smile innocently, with hands on heart; then, with spontaneity, place thumbs in ears while wiggling and waving the fingers.

SEEDS - Hands cupped over each other at solar plexus, as if holding a seed; then opening your hands, offering the seed into your life.

EARTH - Fingers and thumbs of both hands touching to form a triangular shape, moving from the lower chakras to the crown above the head, then to the heart chakra (repeat three times).

LOYALTY AND FAITH - Left hand over the heart, right arm at right angle with palm forward and fingers together.

MYSTERY - Eyes closed, hands together at waist, palms up, bowing forward; then rise upright, crossing forearms on chest.

GRACE - Arms reaching out in a large "V" above the head, as if to receive galactic communication; then fingertips come together to touch the third eye; and then lower to sides, palms outward forming a "V."

COSMIC GATEWAY - Right hand on forehead, forming an "O" on the third eye; left arm at a right angle, fingers together with palm facing forward.

BREATH OF SPIRIT - Hands open beneath the mouth, blowing the breath of the Spirit Wind; then moving hands up, out, and around, ending with hands together in prayer.

EAGLES - Hands cupped together at the heart, moving hands up over the eyes and then out to the sides, as if soaring like an eagle.

STAR HARMONY - Same position as FINGERS & TOES - hands forming an "O" at the level of the ears, forearms perpendicular; then moving the arms up and out, releasing the "O" with a burst of the fingers.

BIRTH - Hands cradling each other comfortably at the level of the abdomen.

HEART - Left hand cupped beneath the heart while the right hand, held perpendicular with strength, reaches straight above the head and then down again to the other hand, meeting at the heart, aligning with divine will.