Finding Our Way Into the Sun of Consciousness

"As more of us learn to navigate the galactic median through skilled use of resonant harmonic frequencies, we will merge into the greater life. Direct psycho-sensory encounters with vistas more real and vast than those hinted at by our radio- telescopes will naturally dissolve those values that now bind us, by fear, to name and place. As we experience instead the fullness of the meaning of universal life, selflessness and compassion will draw us on. As resonant navigators, we shall encounter the great ones of our myths, and the dream-time will envelop us in all its subtle richness."Jose Arguelles

Dwayne E.Rourke
Greetings all!
This is your sincere invitation to join me and a handful of other adventurers-in-consciousness who are creatively attuning themselves to the 84 year orbit of Uranus 'round the Sun. This practical form of meditative attunement to Uranus is made possible through my discovery of a previously unrevealed synthesis of the synodic cycle of the Moon, the ancient Chinese Book of Changes (I Ching), and the 260 unit tzolkin calendar of the ancient Maya.


I use the distinguishing term "Lightning Path" when referring to this novel synthesis because I believe it is important to not confuse my non-traditional use of the sacred calendar with the ongoing and important work of contemporary Mayan day keepers. I humbly offer my deepest gratitude and respect to them for keeping this flame of sacred knowledge alive for generation upon generation.

Planet Uranus
Uranus Orbit
The 84 year orbit of Uranus

I also use the term Lightning Path because Uranus is generally considered to be the primary astrological significator of awakening and transformation, qualities universally associated with lightning.

The Lightning Path Logo

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The Lunation Cycle

Your own attunement to this emerging spiritual path begins the moment you start to contemplate the number and hieroglyph associated with the current lunation cycle, as shown below. An even more intimate and personal connection to the Lightning Path synthesis is available to you via this link. It opens the door to a vast spiritual heritage astrologically assigned to you by right of birth. It is my great honor and pleasure to assist you in receiving that heritage.

Aloha and welcome aboard!