Finding Our Way Into the Sun of Consciousness


Thirteen sacred numbers are used in the Seasons of Uranus technique just as they are in the traditional tzolkin calendar, as indicated below by a system of dots and bars. A single dot represents one and a bar represents five. These numbers combine with the twenty hieroglyphs of the Tzolkin to create 260 codes of transformation of consciousness applicable across the full spectrum of human experience.

The Lightning Path does not alter the essential meaning of the Tzolkin numbers or glyphs. It simply applies them at an expanded scale and thereby reveals realms of consciousness not necessarily made apparent through traditional use of the Tzolkin.

Dot and bar notation of the 13 sacred numbers of the Tzolkin
Source: p. 95 of
The Mayan Factor by Jose' Arguelles..

The following list of meanings for the 13 numbers is from the book The Aztec Circle of Destiny by Bruce Scofiled and Angela Cordova. They indicate that the terms presented below were derived through automatic writing and trance channeling.

Freshness and openness to experience. Consciousness looking for opportunity. A clear path. The phoenix rising from the ashes. Adventure. Finishing assignments.

Polarity .or opposites. Companionship. Sharing. Nurturing. Two people immersing themselves into each other, losing their individual egos. Sensitivity to others. The difference between self-love and universal love. Community. The formation of patterns. Complementary reactions. Separateness. Anxiety. Interruptions.

The possibility of communication. Talks. Pleas. Requests. The written word. Stability. Having the ability of knowing what to give others. Taskmasters. Builders. Repair and maintenance teams.

Production. The use of will and force. Decision. The organization and preparation necessary to create a foundation. Patience. Caution. Pause. Family. Detours. Need for organization.

New and different items. Blossoming. Creative presentations. Inventions. Parties. Amusements. The arts. Sexuality. Solving a jigsaw puzzle. Jack of all trades. Excitement ranging from states of austerity to being jovial. "As above, so below". A fully realized product. Using both sides of the brain. Ambidextrous. Accomplishment.

Unity with responsibility. Compromise according to your responsibility to others. Considering the feelings of family members. Routine encounters of the day. Accounting for food, shelter and physical needs. Timing and scheduling matters. Taking on large projects. Immediacy. Movement in a sharp and quick manner. Focusing on necessary work to be done. Projecting clear messages. Vision inspiring the mind toward deeper thought. Impediments. Problems with rhythm. Spills.

The human need for meaning. Self-discovery. Peace of the soul. Meditation. Prayer. Retreat. Places of worship. Spiritual growth taking precedence over materialistic tendencies. Introduction and reintroduction to other worlds beyond the earth.

Unions formed. Wholeness. Sharing. Marriage. Fertility. Healing. Systems of integration. Re-orientation. Listening to your inner voice, the sub-conscious and the higher conscious. Assistance from a guide in the physical or spiritual world. Increased auditory awareness. Divorce and war games. Restraining oneself to one's own world.

Challenging. Crisis. Confrontation with fears. The need for planning, preparation and flexibility in the creation of a solid foundation. Patterns with a sequence. Retreat. Expansion through travel. Moral issues. Cultural exchange.

The world. Knowing one's calling. Commitment to heavy responsibilities. Activity and progress. Having serious and weighty thoughts on one's mind. Being in the spotlight. A leader promoting a cause from behind the scenes. Doing a service without attracting attention. Gaining a reputation. Caring about what people think of you. Education. History.

Strong emotional states. Suffering. Sacrifices. Modifications. Choices decided upon. Trade-offs. Paperwork. Printing. Research. Record keeping. Errands. Cancellations. Development of altered mind states through time travel, magic, sexual energy and music.

Universalism. Announcements and arrivals. The coming. Inauguration. Free spirit. Status, recognition and success. Athletics. Good sportsmanship. Anger.

A major pinnacle in life. Older authority figures. Grandfather. Emperor. Leaning on strong family members. Extreme self-awareness. Contemplation. Blankness. Planting seeds. Finishing a project.

Sacred geometry can play a significant role in evoking the nature of the thirteen numbers used in the Seasons of Uranus technique. For example, the basic unit of time measure here is a complete lunation cycle of 29.5 days. This unit of time can be expressed geometrically as a single dot within a circle (shown above). By successively dividing the wholeness of that primary circle into equal portions from 2 to 13, we witness graphically the naturally increasing complexity associated with each number and consequently, with each successive Moon cycle in the series.

The Thirteen Sacred Numbers Portrayed as Thirteen Lunation Mandalas