As an archetype of all cycles of relationship, the lunation cycle is a veritable "key to all worlds" capable of revealing the complex inner dynamics linking any two celestial bodies. Using the lunation cycle template to map the current Saturn/Uranus cycle reveals an upcoming moment of particularly Aquarian character.


According to the lunation cycle mandala, the Last Quarter Square of the current Saturn/Uranus cycle comes exact on Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2021 with a massing of planets in Aquarius. Especially notable for that exact moment is the fact that the Sun will be located at the final degree of the sign. This signals the arrival of an important seed moment integrating a host of Aquarian values, not the least of which will be those related to the blockchain/cryptocurrency ecosphere which I have shown to be intimately associated with the current Saturn/Uranus cycle.

Transits of Feb 17, 2021