A Lightning Path Hieroglyphic Journey

Over the last 29 years I have been intimately engaged with the hieroglyphs of the Mayan Sacred Calendar. Along the way, I've explored these timeless archetypes through a wide variety of means, the digital record of which now provides me with an abundant resource. It is from that resource that I created the images contained in this slideshow. Enjoy!

As Richard Rudd, author of the Gene Keys so eloquently puts it:

"To view life at a mythical level is to see the great archetypes playing out in our lives -- both our personal lives and the greater collective history of man. Through understanding your own past in this way, you can see that the story lines of all individuals play out variations of the same themes. At this level, we can recognize these same archetypal themes in every cultures rituals, fairy tales, legends and myths."


IDLE NO MORE: A Mythic Perspective

My article: IDLE NO MORE: A Mythic Perspective is available for free download by clicking image or here.