Art degraded, imagination denied, war governs the nations.

William Blake

Not long ago, I caught sight, in my inner eye, of a newly emerging planetary culture operating in attunement to the ancient and very sacred calendar known among the Maya as the
Tzolkin. As a harmonic code bank of evocative, multidimensional symbolism, the Tzolkin is unsurpassed as a widely applicable symbolic system capable of expanding human awareness into the galactic realm. Mathematically fractal in nature, and thus infinitely scalable, the Tzolkin matrix can be applied in a multitude of practical ways to bring objectivity and inspiration to all manner of human enterprise. Examples of this are to be found interspersed throughout the visionary calendar work of Jose Arguelles, foremost revealer of the universal applicability of this ancient spiritual artifact. His own, visionary application of the Tzolkin is to be found throughout his Dreamspell publications, especially, Earth Ascending, The Mayan Factor and the Cosmic History Chronicles. Use of the Tzolkin is not, however, limited to the Arguelles conception, vast as that conception might be. Nor is it necessary to adhere to traditional use of the Tzolkin as practiced in the highlands of Guatemala, where Mayan daykeepers sustain a calendar tradition stretching back thousands of years.

My own use of the Tzolkin began in March of 1986 when, as a result of an unexpected, full-body initiation, I was drawn into a visionary encounter with the Tzolkin that revealed its resonant integration with the synodic cycle of the Moon. To this day, I have yet to encounter any such use of the Tzolkin by others, even though I have researched the phenomenon extensively. This research has included personal dialogues with Mayan elder
Hunbatz Men and Pedro Celestino Yac Noj, as well as Mayan calendar authorities John Major Jenkins, Jose Arguelles, and others.

Nowhere in my years of research have I found any thread of corroboration for the way I have been using the Tzolkin over the last 27 years. Clearly, I am breaking trail into a new realm of human consciousness. However, it is not surprising that this trail ends up being intimately aligned with the orbit of planet Uranus, long considered by astrologers to be the "Great Awakener", foremost significator of all that is unexpected in our lives.

For over a quarter century now, I have allowed the evocative symbolism of the Tzolkin to animate and inspire my creativity. Much of that creativity has been in the realm of visual art and with the advent of digital technology during this same era, I have documented much of that artistry. It is with great pleasure, therefore, that i have consolidated much of that documentation into an image gallery on my Lightning Path website. May these images be shared widely and may they further the cause of peace on our war-ravaged planet, where, to paraphrase William Blake, "Art exalted , imagination encouraged, peace empowers the people."

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