MUNDO DWAYNO, the central Internet access portal to my ever-changing cyberworld. The portal includes access to a whole new stand-alone website devoted to new developments on the Lightning Path:. This includes The Seasons of Uranus where you will find my recent discovery of a unique, astro-mythological synthesis that puts the tzolkin sacred calendar of Mesoamerica directly into the hands of those who feel the call to embark on an extended process of introspection regarding the whole of their life. Extending back to birth and informed by the mystical archetypes of the tzolkin, the Seasons of Uranus technique facilitates a practical overview of one's life history by placing one's life in a meaningful cosmic context. It also provides astrologically-timed spiritual guidance for life in a time of great transition.

Dwayne Edward Rourke,
Founder of the Lightning Path.

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